About Us

"We have over 160 years experience & knowledge in trussed rafters and easi-joist® flooring systems."
Andrew Taylor
Managing Director

We manufacture roof trusses & metal web floor joists in-house bringing costs down for our customers using state-of-the art machinery

Why Use Us?

Custom Design

Using our (specialist/engineering) software allows for almost any roof or floor design. We can easily plan & design any shape possible giving you peace of mind that everything fits into place perfectly.

Quality Materials

Our quality materials guarantee strength, being fabricated in our workshop means our materials are not exposed to inclement weather or moisture conditions.

Quick Installation

Using our products means installation can be typically installed in a single day. Speeding up the build time and getting it water tight quicker reducing moisture and other weather elements from getting inside.

Cost Effective

Our trusses are manufactured in our workshops using the best technology.
As a result we manufacture trusses much quicker, saving you labour costs.

High Strength

With using our trusses you can be sure that we keep everything strong, stable & secure, keeping within building regulations. All our trusses are manufactured in a workshop & designed using specialised software.

Less Hassle

Roof trusses can span much longer distances without the need for load bearing interior walls. This makes your builders job much easier & more cost effective.

Our Team

John B Smith Ltd is a long-established family company with a dedicated team of enthusiastic and friendly staff.

Customer service is paramount to the success of our company so you can be guaranteed excellent service when working with us.


Michael Scaife


Over 45 years experience in the Construction & Joinery Business.


Andrew Taylor

Managing Director / Senior Product Designer

Over 30 years experience in Design and Manufacture of Trussed Rafters.


Ian Woodard

Works Manager

Over 25 years experience in the Manufacture of Trussed Rafters with basic knowledge of design.


Matthew Scaife

Assistant Manager

Over 5 years experience in the Manufacture of Trussed Rafters and easi-joists with basic knowledge of design.


Michael Brown

Foreman / Health & Safety Representative

Over 30 years experience in the manufacture of Trussed Rafters.


Andrew Stainsby

Senior Designer

Over 30 years in the Timber trade industry, with over 15 years Trussed Rafter design experience.


Alan Dobby

Systems Control Administrator

Over 15 years experience in the design office and is also responsible for quality control & Health and Safety.


Alyson Taylor

Company Secretary

Responsible for all the company’s accounts and payroll.

Our Clients

How Can We Help You?

If you are looking for quality timber engineering for roofing or flooring, we have the experience & knowledge to complete your project in your time frame at the very best quality.

Get in touch: 01642 675096