Roof Trusses / Spandrels

We design, manufacture & supply roof trusses and have for over 35 years. All our roof trusses are engineered with kiln dried timber and steel plates ensuring the very best quality & finish.

We can help our customers plan complex roof structures made to measure, ready to fit on site. Our experience, quality & attention to detail will ensure your roof structure meets building regulations & built to last.

Our roofing trusses will save you time, money & labour. Having us build your structure off-site reduces labour costs & you can rely on us to have your project made to measure.

Benefits Of Using Our Roof Trusses

There’s a whole range of benefits for using us for your next project:

  • Effective and flexible solutions. Suitable for a wide range of roof structures and building types.
  • Capability. Roof trusses can span long distances without the need for load bearing interior walls.
  • Offsite manufacture. Saves on-site time.
  • Cost Reductions. Prefabricated components mean reduced labour costs.
  • Energy Efficiency. Up to 40% more energy efficient than traditional construction methods and materials.
  • Sustainability. Full chain of custody through PEFC forest certification. (FSC® certification available on a project by project basis)


Gable and Party Spandrel Panels are cost saving alternatives to Masonry Walls. They replace the need for blockwork and can be designed to suit virtually any roof layout. The products comply with fire and sound requirements, NHBC, Robust Detail, and are supplied with Plasterboard/Fermacell boards (party separating wall) or OSB/breathable membrane (gable party walls). They can also be wrapped to provide on-site protection.

Both types of Spandrel Panel are structurally engineered using Wolf Systems Software which integrates with the roof trusses to form a fully engineered roof solution for quick and easy installation.

The benefits of using spandrel panels are the speed of the build, less scaffold hire and reduced man power.

Gable Spandrel Panels (OSB/breathable membrane)

Replace traditional gable blockwork with off-site manufactured structural timber Gable Panels. The timber structures sit on slightly raised inner blockwork (min 300-390mm) to help reduce the size of the panel and have OSB and breathable membrane fitted to the cavity side of the frame. The panels are fixed with both Horizontal and Vertical straps.

Party Spandrel Panels (Plasterboard/Fermacell)

Replace traditional blockwork party separating walls between dwellings for 2, 3 and 4 blocks with structural timber panels. The timber structure is nailed/plated to increase strength and has plasterboard or Fermacell to act as fire protection. The panels sit on raised blockwork (min 300-390mm) and are fixed with both Horizontal and Vertical straps.

Our Process

We work with our clients to help create a design with our specialist software which ensures sizes come in line with regulations. We are capable of designing almost any structure ready for manufacture.

We manufacture our trusses in our workshop in Stockton. Our business runs on high quality materials, standards & keeping our clients happy. Our professional workshop maintains consistent standards across all projects ensuring quality, safety & high working standards.

All our engineered roofing solutions are delivered by our in-house delivery team. You let us know when your project needs to be completed & on-site, we will deal with the rest.

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